NX-04 Discovery

The oceans of Earth once seemed as vast and unknown as space seems to us today. Even after having spent years foraying into the space around our home system, Humanity still has so much to discover, and so much to learn. United Earth and its Commonwealth of Colonies have been out discovering new planets, races and regions that were otherwise unknown to Human science under the Intrepid and NX space programs. In all that time, just a fraction of the space surrounding Sol has been uncovered.

The Discovery is Earth’s fourth warp-five starship to be launched to find out what is beyond Earth and to prove to so many that Humans are able to take on the responsibilities of inter-galactic politics. These early days of exploration can see new alliances rise, new enemies unearthed or entirely new concepts to how the universe works come to light, and holds countless unknowns for the members of Discovery's crew. However like so many ships named Discovery before her, she will continue to forge new paths in a universe of unknowns, and will not stop until the Human desire for knowledge is sated.

Earth and its Commonwealth of Colonies are expanding at a rate never seen before, and with Starfleet pressing new warp-five starships into service, there is no end to where Humanity can reach! Commanded by Captain Christina Curtis, the crew of Discovery live to embody their motto; humanity has only scratched the surface of its potential.

Star Trek: Discovery, is a play-by-web role-playing community set in the year 2155, shortly after the events seen in Star Trek: Enterprise “Terra Prime” and before "These Are The Voyages...”. Our aim is to provide a fun, safe and quality writing environment for all types of players who wish to discover the potential that makes Star Trek such a successful world-wide creative institute. We are always happy to greet new family members in to our group of experienced players.


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Current Mission

Mission One: “Begin with a Bang”

Even months after the scars of Terra Prime were inflicted upon Earth's reputation, Starfleet is still pushing forward in an attempt to show to their new allies that they were a small minority of the population, and that Earth is still dedicated to peaceful exploration and greater interaction with alien cultures. Unfortunately there are various secrets which could jeopardise that image.

As Starfleet Intelligence learns the location of one of Terra Prime's former members, they become increasingly concerned about his actions, with indications showing that he has ambitions of ascending to Paxman's throne and leading Terra Prime in various violent actions, the first of which they have reason to believe to be the bombing of a Tellarite trading compound on Earth's colony of Deneva. With construction on Discovery almost complete, Captain Curtis is ordered to launch ahead of schedule in order to intercept the rogue terrorist before he can detonate his explosive.

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Latest Mission Posts

» Background Noises

Mission: Begin with a Bang
Posted on Wed Mar 2nd, 2016 @ 2:42pm by Captain Christina Curtis & Ensign Tybald Jeune & Ensign Chloe Bishop

Bridge duty wasn't always as glamorous as the stories they told of Enterprise and Columbia. It seemed as if something exciting happened to them every week. But Starfleet never talked about the hours of sitting on the bridge, monitoring subspace and radio frequencies for anything out of the ordinary. Still,…

» En route to Deneva once more

Mission: Begin with a Bang
Posted on Wed Mar 2nd, 2016 @ 2:42pm by Captain Christina Curtis & Commander Leo Carpegiani PhD & 1st Lieutenant Dalton Wakefield & Ensign Chloe Bishop & Doctor Maya & Lieutenant Tal Sek 'Thaan

Christina led the group back onto the bridge, their crisis-within-a-crisis finally averted. After Chloe and Leo had figured out how to use the frequency Tal Sek had discovered to track down the location of another detonation device, they had not only been able to disarm it, but obtain enough DNA…

» Building Trust

Mission: Begin with a Bang
Posted on Thu Jan 28th, 2016 @ 4:16pm by Captain Christina Curtis & Doctor Maya & Lieutenant Tal Sek 'Thaan


[Discovery Sickbay]

Tal cooperated with the medics after the explosion; the journey was swift only a few decks, then the restraints kicked in. An automatic function to prevent him from falling off the narrow bed, he nonetheless bent the bars back to free his legs and began to fight,…

» Triangulating the Saboteur

Mission: Begin with a Bang
Posted on Thu Jan 28th, 2016 @ 4:13pm by Captain Christina Curtis & Commander Leo Carpegiani PhD & 1st Lieutenant Dalton Wakefield & Ensign Chloe Bishop

Christina could barely hold her patience for the turbolift doors to open and admit her onto the bridge. Following the death of Dewitt, and then the more minor injuries sustained by Anziano and Tal Sek, she was eager to grab hold of any good news she could get. Thankfully, the…

» Family of Two

Mission: Begin with a Bang
Posted on Thu Nov 12th, 2015 @ 11:13pm by Ensign Tybald Jeune & Crewman 1st Class Oatha Jeune


[Deneva: Private Quarters- La Jeune]

Oatha was trying not to cry in front of Tybald, but as he donned that uniform she couldn't help herself. He was just too handsome, and looked just like his father would have if Starfleet had been the same organization when they were young.…